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Front Line Assembly

Our website provides all the information you’d ever need about Front Line Assembly. The band has existed for nearly three decades and has become one of the most popular bands in its genre. Our website wants to provide all sorts of information for new and long-time fans of the band. Since being formed in 1986 by Bill Leeb the band has gained and lost several members. However, it’s still been one of the best-known bands in the electro-industrial genre.

Here are some of the key features of our website:

1. Band History

Front Line Assembly (FLA) celebrated its third decade in the music industry last year in 2016. Since then the company has gone through many changes. That includes different sounds and members. For example, band members like Michael Balch and Rhys Fulber have played in FLA and several other bands during their musical history. This shows the big influence the band has had on the genre.

Then there’s the history of the band itself. There includes the band’s formation, as well as the eras of Balch, Fulber, Peterson, and the recent years. We provide lots of information about all of these eras so you can learn about the different periods of the band’s history. Our goal is to provide fresh and detailed information so you can better appreciate the band in terms of its past/present members, changes in musical sounds, and so on.

One of the interesting things about FLA is the band has been around for several decades. This makes it more likely you can find some information that you weren’t aware of. That’s one of the main goals of our site, which is keep providing our visitors with new info they can’t find on other sites. This explains why we’re always adding to the site and making posts. So it’s important to keep visiting the site so you can learn the newest information about the band.

2. Band Members

Throughout its history FLA has featured several band members. Some are better known than others but they’ve all been critical in the history of the group. The group’s past and present members include:

  • Michael Balch
  • Rhys Fulber
  • Jeremy Inkel
  • Bill Leeb
  • Chris Peterson
  • Jared Slingerland

The goal of our site is to provide various types of info about the band’s members. They include info about their connection with the band itself. For example, how and when did they joint the band? How did they affect the direction and sound of Front Line Assembly? If they’re past members why did they leave the band? This is all important information that any big fan of FLA would like to know to boost their appreciation for the band.

3. Albums

FLA has released several of albums over the years. We hope to provide interesting info about the band’s various albums. Its studio albums include:

• [FLA]vour of the Weak (1997)
• AirMech (soundtrack) (2012)
• Artificial Soldier (2006)
• Caustic Grip (1990)
• Civilization (2004)
• Corrosion (1988)
• Disorder (EP) (1988)
• Echogenetic (2013)
• Epitaph (2001)
• Gashed Senses & Crossfire (1989)
• Hard Wired (1995)
• Implode (1999)
• Improvised Electronic Device (2010)
• Millennium (1994)
• State of Mind (1988)
• Tactical Neural Implant (1992)
• The Initial Command (1987)

Do you have a favorite FLA album? If so then you might want to find out as much as possible about it. You can learn tons of info on our website about your fav album from the Canadian band. You can also learn about other albums you know less information about. If you’re a fan of the band then you’ll likely want to learn about more albums and possibly all of them. If so make sure to keep visiting our site. That’s because we’re always offering new info about the band’s different albums.

4. Band Trivia

Our site also includes tons of interesting trivia about the band. For example, the two spellings of the band are: Front Line Assembly and Frontline Assembly. Did you know the band prefers the spelling with three words? This isone of the many interesting bits of trivia that our site provides. We offer a wide variety of other types of trivia that you can enjoy. It’s also a section we keep updating so you can learn brand new facts and figures about Front Line Assembly.

Our website is dedicated to the band Front Line Assembly, which has fans all over the world. If you’re also one then make sure to keep visiting our site. We’re constantly adding/updating content for you to read. That’s because we want to provide the best experience possible for all visitors to our website.