Albums of Front Line Assembly

How much do you know about Front Line Assembly? One of the main issues you can learn about the band is the albums it’s released over the years. Here are some of the main ones you should definitely know about:

1. The Initial Command (1987)
This was actually the first album of Front Line Assembly. It’s interesting to note that the band’s first 2 releases were actually demo tapes. The titles were “Total Terror” and “Nerve War.” The majority of the music on the album was made by Bill Leeb while he received from help with the work from the ex-band member Michael Balch. This album was released initially in 1987. However, it was re-released twice. That included ones in 1992 with no changes and a 1997 re-release that included 2 brand new tracks. It’s interesting to note the 1997 re-release actually included the wrong name of the 2nd track.

2. State of Mind (1988)
This album was first released during 1988 for LP and CD. It was re-released with a bonus track and alternate artwork. The band picked the label Dossier because it liked several of the artists who re are already on the label.

3. Caustic Grip (1990)
This album was released by Front Line Assembly in Europe through the record label Third Mind Records. Meanwhile, its release in the US was through WaxTrax! Records. This was the band’s first album without the co-founder Michael Balch when Rhys Fulber was added as one of the band’s full-time members. The album was first to be follow “Gashed Sense & Crossfire.” However, Leeb didn’t want to wait so he started working on the album with Fulber. They had worked together on the demo titled “Nerve War.” This album was the start of the band’s teaming up with the record producer named Greg Reely. He did mixing work on this album.

4. Millennium (1994)
This was an album released by Front Line Assembly. It was released on LP and CD. The album was re-released in July 2007 by a record label in Poland. This was part of a 2-disc re-mastered edition. This edition’s second disc has all the remixes/B-sides from the singles “Millennium” as well as “Surface Patterns.”

5. Echogenic (2013)
This studio album was released by Front Line Assembly in July 2013. The album was popular with fans and critics and charted in the US and Germany. The band turned to an approach that was totally electronic and the influence of dubstep. FLA toured in North America and Europe to support the album and the remix album Echoes. The concerts included the former band of FLA’s vocalist/leader bill Leeb. That band was Skinny Puppy.

These are some of the various albums from Front Line Assembly. If you’re a fan of the band then you should consider learning about some of the other albums so you can pick which ones you want to buy next. There are several to pick from that were made during the various eras of the band and they’re all worth considering.