Current Members of Front Line Assembly

If you’re a big fan of Front Line Assembly then you should know the band’s members. That includes present and past ones. Here they are the current members:

1. Bill Leeb
Leeb is an Austrian-Canadian musician/producer of electronic music. He’s become best well-known for being Front Line Assembly’s founding member. He’s also become famous for working with other bands like Skinny Puppy, Delerium, Intermix, and Noise Unit.

Leeb’s musical career started in 1985 with the band known as Skinny Puppy. His band name was Wilhelm Schroeder. He provided bass synth and sometimes also added backing vocals to the band’s recordings/concerts. Leeb left that band during 1986 and then formed his own band named Front Line Assembly. This included various members.

FLA is the band that Leeb is best known for. However, he’s also known for the project known as Delerium that was a big hit during the 1990s. That included the hit titled “Silence.” Another highlight of Leeb’s career was writing the soundtrack for the video game titled “Quake III Arena” in 1999. Hi band wrote the soundtrack for the expansion pack titled “Team Arena.”

2. Jeremy Inkel
Inkel was born in 1983 and is a musician in the electronic genre. He’s based in the Canadian city of Vancouver. Inkel is best known as the keyboard player in the band Front Line Assembly that’s an electro-industrial brand. HE’s also produced various tracks for different musicians from around the world.

Inkel co-foudned the band Left Spine Down in 2003. The group became quite famous as it toured the city of Vancouver. He wrote/produced the 2006 album “ArtificialSolder.” Then Inkel went on tour to promote the album. They then followed it up with “Fallout,” which was a remix album. He toured 2 years with Front Line Assembly. Inkel also performed at various festivals over the years.

Inkel was also in FLA’s lineup when the band played for the first time in Russia. During those tours with the band FLA he introduced the music world to his band Left Spine Down. That was through the record “Smartbomb” that was released by Synthetic Sounds.

Inkel and his band Left Spine Down opened for many famous bands during 2008 and 2009. During this time Inkel started doing work with Eric Powell. Then Inkel went back to Front Line Assembly and co-wrote/produced the album “Improvised Electronic Device.”

3. Jared Slingerland
Slingerland is based in Vancouver and is a Canadian guitarist/electronic musician. He’s most famous for being a member of the band FLA. He was born in British Columbia. Soon after he was born his family moved to Alberta. That’s when his father got a job at a radio station. Slingerland went to his first music concert during his childhood.

Slingerland’s family moved to Vancouver after living in Calvary for several years. He started playing various instruments. Then during 2004 he was asked to join Left Spine Down. He started working with Fla during 2005 in the music studio. He was later asked to tour with the electronic band.