Past Members of Front Line Assembly

Are you one of the biggest fans of the band Front Line Assembly? If so then you might know the current members but be less familiar with the past ones. Here are some of the band’s past members:

1. Michael Balch
Balch was important to the early years of the band Front Line Assembly. The band released their first track in 1987 titled “Aggression.” That was under the record label from Britain Third Mind. The track showed the musical focus of the band at that time. Then the song was re-released during the next year on the album “Disorder.”

Balch helped with the band’s first album entitled “The Initial Command.” It was released on the Belgian record label KK during the year 1987. The album was made on a very tight budget. One of the main issues was the type of eight track cassette would be used.

Balch became an official member of FLA during the year 1988. He then wrote songs during the next couple albums. His contribution was mostly keyboards/programming. This resulted in “Corrosion” as well as “Disorder.” Balch helped to work on a few other albums before he left the band.

2. Rhys Fulber
Fulber is one of the past members of Front Line Assembly. The Canadian musician/producer worked with Leeb with FLA and the side project Delerium. Fulber now records albums via the name Conjure One.

Fulber first worked with FLA on the album “Total Terror,” which was the debut album. He then worked on 3 songs for the album “The Initial Command.” Fulber also helped with Delerium’s first album titled “faces, Forms & illusions.” Fulber helped to create the new band named Will during this time. That was with various other people. The band existed for half a decade from 1997 to 1992.

:Fulber then joined FLA for the band’s first tour in 1989. After MichaelBalch left the band he joined Delerium to work full-time on the project. He worked with Bill Leeb on FLA as well as side projects. Fulber released many albums with Leeb over the years.

3. Chris Peterson
Peterson was born in 1968 and is an electronic musician/producer from the Canadian city of Vancouver. Over the years he’s worked with various bands. That includes Front Line Assembly as well as Delerium. These are the biggest bands he’s worked on during his career.

Peterson has worked with several bands and projects in the past. IF you’re interested in learning about the musical careers of past FLA members then you should know that Peterson has also worked with bands/projects including Equinox, Pro Tech, Noise Unit, Will, and Revelstoker. If you like the music he’s made with FLA then you should check out the work Peterson has done with those bands.

These are the past members of FLA. Even though they’re not part of the band it’s still interesting to learn some basic facts about their work with FLA. This will help to give you a better appreciation for the band since there are many interesting factors about it to learn.